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Centro Peruano I Limited is a specialised consulting group in poverty alleviation and international development solutions. Our services comprise comprehensive support for the charity sector and corporations in social responsibility.


I.              Training:

  1. In Grant-writing: a 3 -day workshop that includes:

a)     Identification of funding sources.

b)    Knowing the donor: introduction to the General Statutory and Non-statutory funding bodies.

c)     Strategic alliances: securing a local and international partner.

d)    Technical tools: introduction and practice on the tree of problems, logical framework and budget.

e)     Writing of the Concept Note and the Full Proposal.

  1. In Fundraising strategies: practical workshops with the organisationís personnel from our standard package to tailored programmes to suit your needs and goals.
  2. In Projectís implementation: A 5 -day practical workshop on how to successfully implement a project in order to meet your goals once funding has been granted. This involves the following main steps (not an exclusive list):

f)     Work plan design

g)    Baseline study

h)     Hiring and training of the projectís personnel

i)      Awareness raising and advocacy campaigns

j)      Monitoring and Evaluation

k)     Mid and final reporting

l)      Sustainability

m)   Systematisation and replication

  1. In  the Organisationís diagnostics: a 1 Ė day workshop aimed at the organisationís decision makers and planning officers in:

a)     SWOT analysis

b)    PESTLE analysis

c)     Benchmarking

5.       In Corporate and Social Responsibility: a 2 -day workshop to help the organisation engage and work with corporations in the field:

a)     Internal client: visibility, identity, community relationships.

b)    External client: consultations, negotiation and information workshops and campaigns.


6.       In Field Campaigns: a 2Ėday workshop  to maximise your campaigns and advance your cause:

a)     Awareness raising

b)    Advocacy campaigns

c)     Dissemination campaigns.


7.       In Leadership & Conflict Management: a 5-day workshop aimed at the organisationís team, as well as to the projectís beneficiaries, usually the communities in which you operate. We have partnered with the Foundation for International Commercial Arbitration (SICA  FICA) from London, UK in order to deliver a premium tailored made conflict management programme.


8.       In Corporate Image: Because the image you project is crucial to achieve your goals and deliver your projects in a welcoming atmosphere, we help you to make the best of your ethos. To accomplish this, you must first look at your internal client as your main asset.  Later, your external client (beneficiaries) need to grasp what it is you want to do and why they should ďallowĒ you to operate there. A 3-day workshop has been designed:

a)     Internal client:  identity, office etiquette, communications, community relationships.

b)    External client: consultations, negotiation and information workshops and campaigns.

II.            Hands-on work:

1.     Grant writing: Our team of experts prepare a proposal  (Concept Note, Full Application, Logical Framework, Gantt chart and budget) for your organisation in answer to an identified Call For Proposal from any statutory or non-statutory funding body (DFID, EU, USAID, DANIDA, CIDA Canada, ACDI, Global Fund, Ford Foundation, Soros Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others)

2.     Fundraising: In countryimplementation of the most suitable fundraising strategy as designed by our team of experts in close co-ordination with the organisationís assigned personnel.

3.     Projectís Implementation: We allocate teams to directly carry out any phase of the projectís implementation on request.

4.     Organisationís diagnostics: A timing, fast and reliable analysis of your organisation carried out by our team in close co-ordination with your officers.

5.     Corporate and Social Responsibility: We design your strategy on how to structure a comprehensive plan to work with the business and industry sector to support your cause.

6.     Field campaigns: We design and implement your campaigns in the field by allocating experts to the field of operations.

III.    Recruitment:

     Whether permanently or temporarily, we are in a position to assess and help you select the best professionals for your organisation. We work with our own database of local and expatriate experts in international development.
Additionally, we also recruit for you international and well qualified volunteers.



































































































































































































































   Learn English in London with a Home Office licensed school for overseas students on visa. We can help you with your transfer 

   arragements, accommodation and other practicalities. But if it suits you best, you can also sign up for the available online

   British Council accredited courses. Get in touch with us to find out more information about the range of English courses on




  Also English for European Citizens relocating to The UK to improve the participantís English communicational

  skills (oral and written) socially and at the work place.


   Flexible and tailored to participants on demand


  News for European Citizens: Also we have all the information you need to be relocated in the UK


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 We are proud to say that our "Volunteers in UK" 

 programme has been successfully placing young people

 in different projects, helping the needy and building 

 bridges between cultures. We want to express our infinite

 gratitude to our first group of Peruvian volunteers who

 commited themselves to share their best whether in

 England, Wales or Scotland: Thanks Galo,Cynthia, Lizbeth,

 Jenny, Rossana, Laura and Mary!!!


 And now recruiting volunteers to be placed in India!


 If you want to know other cultures and would like to live up to

 a year in the United Kingdom or India, helping others whilst

 making friends, learning English and sharing your skills...


   Then come and volunteer in UK and India, challenge 




                            Volunteer in England with 

                              Centro Peruano I part II 








                                  Volunteer in India with

                                        Centro Peruano I





  Centro Peruano I




 Worried about the cash to match funds?

 Looking to fund new projects?

 Want to expand your operations and need more cash?

 Fundraising is the answer to your needs. Raise the funds you need at your own pace!

 Sign up for our Fundraising Strategies Online seminar: info@centroperuanoi.co.uk

 Fees: $150 per person (inclusive of VAT) in small groups of up to 5 people. First come first served.

 For company groups and/or tailored programmes, please send us an email: info@centroperuanoi.co.uk


Sessions run monthly.





 Necesitas conseguir el efectivo para dar la contrapartida?

 Buscas financiamiento para nuevos proyectos?

 Quieres expandir tus operaciones y necesitas ms dinero?

 La recaudacin de fondos es la respuesta a tus necesidades. Recauda los fondos que necesitas a tu propio ritmo!

 Inscribete en nuestro Seminario Virtual de Recaudacin de Fondos: info@centroperuanoi.co.uk

 Costo: $150 por persona (incluido impuestos) en pequeňos grupos de hasta 5 personas. Hasta que se cubra el cupo.

 Para compaňŪas y seminarios diseňados segύn tus necesidades, por favor envianos un correo electrnico:  info@centroperuanoi.co.uk

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